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Power Window Repairs & Replacements

Instead of replacing we will rebuild your power window motor when possible.

We offer Auto power window repairs & replacements our specialist will help you to get the best choice for you. We do All auto glass replacements and electric window repairs, We repair or replace any year make & model.

? Power Window Repairs ? Manual Window Repairs ? Window Regulators ? Window Motors ? Window Switches and Connectors ? Power Locks and Actuators ? Door Handles ? Off Track Door Glass ? Convertible Top Mechanism Repair ? ? Sun Roof Mechanism Repair


Whether its a truck ,suv,van,sedan we rebuilt or replace any type of Car window regulator or car window motor or just off track door glass, Our technicians can replace it or rebuilt your power or manual car window .our trained technicians will inspect your power window system for simple and easy-to-fix problems, such as dirty contacts or a faulty switch so you won’t spend a lot of money on something that doesn’t need to be replaced. We know the value of an enjoyable ride, so we treat your car regulator, switch or motor with the same quality, care, and expertise as we do glass.

When possible we will repair and rebuild your motor, saving you from a complete replacement.
Rebuilding a motor will save you a lot of money.
You will only get the finest quality parts for your repair.
We also service manual windows, power locks or other small electric inconveniences.

At Charleston Auto Glass are power window repair experts. Our technicians have maintained and repaired power window systems for cars, vans, SUVs and light trucks, foreign and domestic.
Why Repair instead Of Replacement? Original Equipment Parts that came with your vehicle are being inferiority copied and sold as "NEW". These after market knock offs are of poor quality as they are manufactured with inferior metals. When they first were introduced, companies would send me these parts in the hope that we would order from them. When you visually compare an OEM part to this "NEW KNOCK OFF" you can see that it will fail, it is obvious. The smart alternative is to rebuild your original part, there is no substitute for the manufacturer's regulator.?

Don't waste your time with cheap after market auto parts. Rebuild your own OEM part, there is no substitute for your original equipment. We've been rebuilding regulators since 2000 and have a 3 month warranty on all regulators And Motors Repairs For Parts And Labor!?

A window regulator is electric or manual, and it basically controls the up and down motions of a side window on a car. Window regulators and motors, located within car doors, help raise and lower windows of the vehicle. Since we use our windows frequently, window regulators and window motors are some of the most actively used parts in any vehicle. For this reason, window regulators and window motors are subject to high wear and tear that lead to breakage and inconvenience.

Power windows not working in a car can be caused by several things. The most common cause is a bad power window's motor, the switch could be faulty or the regulator could be binding or the cable could be off one of the pulleys. Rarely, windows may just be STUCK in the weather stripping (called a run) and need to be freed up and the guides lubricated with silicone spray. As a master auto technician, I've repaired literally hundreds of power windows in nearly all makes of cars over the years. In this how to article I'll let you in on some things to look for when diagnosing power windows not working. Ninety percent of the time, these type of problems can be diagnosed in less than sixty seconds!

We repair and Replace Any Car Year and Model

? Do you have to tape your window to hold it up in its place?

? Does your window slide down while you're driving?

? Window Stuck Halfway?

? Window Won't Go Down or Up?

? Makes Noise or Does Nothing at All?

? Grinding Noise when using Switch Up or Down ?

? No Sound When using Switch Up and Down ?

? No Movement When using Switch Up and Down ?

? Door Glass Fell Down Inside Door ?

? Window Moves One Way?